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Upon further inspection, it appears as if when the vice grip let go the IP gear pulled the chain down into the engine (it only went a few inches before I caught it) and it slipped off the crank gear. Does that sound right? Is it the IP gear that is under tension? Like I said, the chain is back in the same position on the cam gear, which is at TDC. The chain still seems to be under tension on the drivers side, so I am assuming that it didn't slip off the IP gear. The crank pulley is pretty much at the same spot it was before all this happened. If I drop the oil pan, would it be possible to pull the chain back onto the crank gear the way it was? I am sure this would be nearly impossible thought, right? Because I can't be sure the crank pulley is in the same spot. I did move it to see if the chain would pull through, but that's when I noticed the cam gear wasn't moving, so there is slack in the chain. I then moved the pulley back to the spot where it was. Please guys, I need any advice you may have.
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