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Originally Posted by Jmana View Post
Well the thing is I never even began the pulling of the new chain trough. Everything is in the same spot where it began, I never moved the crank or the cam gear, so I know that the chain is at the same spot on the cam gear because the master link is at top of the gear. I don't think the chain came off the IP gear, because it looks like the chain guide would prevent that unless it had fallen the whole way into the engine, which it didn't.
OK, take a step back for a moment.

Why do you believe that the chain has come off the crankshaft if you never did any pulling of the new chain and everything is in the same spot as where it began?

I don't believe that the chain will fall off the crankshaft on an OM603, so, your issues might simply be that the camshaft has rotated slightly and put slack on the drive side of the chain, thereby leaving you with insufficient slack on the tensioner side.

If you marked the chain carefully and the sprocket carefully, then rotate the camshaft and sprocket counterclockwise so that you can connect the ends of the chain.
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