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I'm sorry - I thought you were talking about a 617 engine. I would suspect that the engine you are working on is the same as the 617 in regards to the pin that prevents the chain from jumping at the crankshaft spkt. Can you find the TDC marks on the crank? Is it at TDC on #1 piston? If you are at TDC at the crank on #1 cylinder then the cam position looks good.

Brian I DO use ALOT of tie wraps during this procedure. I tie wrap the chain to the cam spkt (always start at TDC) and cut the chain between the ties. I roll the engine over and put more tie wraps in, cut the old ones and continue this procedure until the new chain is all the way in. I do have the tensioner out when I am doing this and have never had any problems during it this way. I typically have the car on the lift a little bit off the ground where it is not as much trouble getting under it to roll it over.

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