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Originally Posted by engatwork View Post
My memory was correct. I have attached a pic showing the tab that prevents the chain from moving on the crank sprocket. All you need to do is overcome the vacuum pump spring pressure on the actuator to pull the chain back up to the camshaft sprocket and make the ends meet.
I'm glad I take pics of just about everything I do.

Disregard the orientation of the picture. With the engine in the car the tab is at the bottom.

I have always done this job by myself but I always use alot of tie wraps.

That's pretty much what I ended up doing, but for some reason it didn't line up with the other section of chain, which is why I was concerned that the chain had come off the crank. I still don't exactly know what happened. All I know is I ended up taking the chain off the cam and letting it go into the engine a couple of inches (still had a hold of the end) which for some reason allowed me to pull the opposite end of the chain to where it needed to be, I was then able to pull really hard on the tensioned side and get it back on the cam and get it to meet up with the other side of the chain. But what I am worried about is that with me taking the chain off the cam in order to do this, that I might not have gotten it back to the proper teeth on the cam sprocket.
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