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pipe dream

I have way too much on my plate right now to be going after something like this, but I was reading threads about manual tranny swaps, and differential swaps into W123s and I had a vision of one sweet ride. What about a 6 speed manual tranny with a tall rear end (like 2.88, less?) in a 300TD. This could get around acceleration/driveability problems because you have all the gears, and still give you comfortable RPMs at comfortable (80+mph) speeds. Does anyone who knows trannys around here have any idea what the feasiblity of this would be? What could I do with a custom adapter plate? I wouldn't be able to go for something like this for some time, but if the body is still good when the drivetrain conks out, or if I find another vehicle to drop an MB diesel in, something like this could be on the menu... but for now its just an exciting pipe dream.
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