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Oh thank GOD!!! I got the master link back to cam TDC, took the link off, and by turning the crank pulley backward, and the cam sprocket forward, I was able to pull the chain back two teeth, which made all the darn marks line up!! Turned it over with the tensioner in, and it's still lined up at TDC!!! Amazing that 2 teeth can cause so much trouble! It seems to turn over easier too, no more hard stops to overcome. Now I just have to make the master link permanent, and I should be good to go. I really think the tension from the IP is what screwed with me. You can pull the chain back as hard as you can, but if the crank isn't in the right spot it won't release the last amount of tension needed to get it back. But by turning the crank backwards and the cam forwards I was able to get it back where it belongs.
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