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with sufficient slack on the tensioner side, he can roll one link all the way over the cam sprocket so that he ends up with the slack on the drive side. Then, he turns the camshaft backward to tension the drive side and check the marks.
I still think cam towers need to be off for this to happen. It will take a lot of force to get the lifters to move when they're under pressure. Could also cause issues with valve movement, no?

As long as he's got to remove the cam towers, might was well take off cam gear and avoid this longer step. The woodruff key is kinda sticky in there due to engine oil etc so will not come flying out, but still must be watched carefully. As for thrust washer, the only washer i know of is on cam bolt is a good 3 inches long, so washer will stay with pretty easily. risk here is low.

To give an idea of the slack in the chain that I found, I was going to install a 'newer' cam on my engine. When I got it from the machine shop all nice and clean, the sprocket was fully torqued on and I had no way to get it off without damaging the cam somehow (a vice would probably have not been a good idea). There was absolutely no way to get the cam seated with the chain over the sprocket as there is not a lot of slack to play with. I had to abandon and use my other cam. So in short, if someone wants to buy a pristine 603 cam with lifters off me, let me know...requires removing gear which i'm sure a machine shop could do.

Oh wait..sorry in short..I'm thinking cam towers are coming off. Maybe try BC's idea first. If it doesn't work, go to plan B. Plan B is not as bad as it sounds. Untorquing and retorquing towers is a PITA because it's a slow and meticulous process. If you're quick with a wrench though you can have it out in 15-30 minutes easy. maybe less..I didn't time myself last time.

And look at the positive side. You are learning a lot more about your engine...same way I learned about mine. Make a few mistakes...learn a whole lot.
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