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'82 w123 240D fuel sending unit "submarine"

I replaced the fuel sending unit on my w123 240D. The old
one came out easily except that it was missing the outer tube and
the bottom retainer or "cap". I then heard the tube hit the bottom
of the (full) tank as I removed what was left. I guess the tiny nut
and bottom retainer (or "cap") had come off some time earlier
and the outer tube was held in place by (who knows what?) until
I came along and tried to remove the assembly.

The tank is mounted vertically behind the back seat.
I have easy access to the sending unit after removing
the first aid kit tray.

So my question is, are there any ideas on how to easily
and safely remove this tube from the depths? It rumbles
around in the tank on certain roads.

My ideas are:

(*) When tank is empty, use a hanger and flashlight to fish it out.
Don't want any sparks though. Maybe fashion a wooden tool.

(*) Use a magnet on the end of a rod of some sort (wood?).
Not sure what the tube is made of. Aluminum? Might not work.

(*) Remove gas tank and remove the tube.

- Jeff

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