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Preparing for Winter

Might be a little soon to be talkng about this now, but I have been very happy running an 80 / 20 blend of WVO and RUG in my 240D and I am prepared to keep running it this way through the winter if I can.

So, this weekend I took a batch of fuel and placed it in the freezer. My freezer is about 10 degrees Farenheit. My fuel froze solid. It was about as hard as peanut butter. I then placed a batch in the refigerator, which is about 37 degrees Farenheit. The fuel turned into a thick syrup about the consistency of ketchup or mustard.

I don't see how I can run this blend in the cold Philadelphia winters. I am thinking about running 70 / 30 WVO and RUG and seeing what happens, but I was curious what the rest of you are doing - assuming you live in the north east where it gets cold.

Also, I have to say, I am NOT looking forward to the hassle it will be to collect and filter WVO in the winter. I assume I will have to find a very heated garage to work in, and everything will have to thaw out before I can remove it from my collection tank and filter it. Working with this fuel before I mix it with RUG is going to be a pain in the a$$.

If it is too much of a hassle, WVO might have to be a summer fuel only.
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