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The premise of the show is good, but it is done so unscientifically that the results usually can't be relied upon.

Take the episode with the snowplow and the water vortex mentioned in an earlier message. After all the work they did and money spent to create the vortex (and a special tank made) to see if a boat could be sucked in, they then did the calculations and realized the vortex was massively large compared to their scaled down ships, and the vortex scaled down was barely moving and was not good for the experiment. This should have been done at the start. So they just cranked up the vortex so it looked like a toilet bowl, so there would be no doubt the models would be sucked down and destroyed. What did that prove?

They bought a snowplow truck that had been sitting outside for decades for the car flipping wind test. They were then surprised when nothing worked and everything was stuck, calling it a "cursed" truck. Dah, it had been sitting oustide for decades! Instead of unbolting the driveshaft, they get the blue wrench (cutting torch) out and cut it off. They end up spending three days getting it to roll freely. They then can't get the brakes to work (Dah again!) and call actual mechanics to get it to work. Miraculously the brakes are bled and work within 45 minutes. It's funny how things work out when you get people who know what they are doing. And of course it has to be destroyed at the end (after the guy "forgets" to apply the brakes remotely) by flipping it on it's top.

The show really turns out to be kids seeing what they can destroy and to what extent. There are so many resources and so much money wasted on that show for nothing. It's all for ratings.
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