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I did my valve guide seals in my M103 a little while ago and sometime later thought I heard something funny. I took the valve cover off and couldínt find anything humorous so I thought duplicate the conditions. I started it and being aware of the potential shower I kept the revs down, that kept the mess to a minimum. I thought this is an unusual event and looked pretty neet so I got out my digital camcorder and taped the valve gear running. Someday when I get one of those round things, I think they call them tuits, Iíll download it and e-mail it to everyone I know who knows how to turn a screw without stripping it.

My wife had a Datsun 210 that had a oil leak in her dash, but no oil pressure gauge. It turned out to have been the seal in the speedometer cable connection on the transmission leaking and it was pushing oil all the way up the speedo cable, even though it was a stick (please refer to the thread regarding lubricating speedometer cables:p )
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