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Mark, there are two sources of oil into the the crossover pipe. One is the turbo, the other is blow-by. Here are some things to try -

1) Clean the crossover pipe and see how oily it gets after a long drive.

2) There is a hose that leads from the valve cover (behind the oil filler cap) to the turbo air intake hose. Remove this hose from the turbo hose and leave it hanging or stick it in a bottle. Cap the fitting in the turbo hose. Go for a long drive and see how oily the crossover pipe is. If you used a bottle, see how much oil you collected.

3) If the crossover pipe is clean, oil is coming from blow-by. Otherwise it must be coming from the turbo.

4) Remove the turbo air intake hose. Hold the end of the turbo shaft with your fingers. Move the shaft up and down and side to side. If there is more than just perceptible play the turbo bearings are worn. But it might not be the end of the world.

5) Now move the shaft in and out. If there is any play whatsoever the bearings are worn beyond serviceability.

On the compressor housing you might see the word AirResearch. If so, you have a Garrett turbo. $3-400 to have it rebuilt in the US or you can get a rebuild kit from If you don't see AirResearch in big bold letters or if you see KKK (I think in a triangle) then you have a KKK turbo. Perfectly good turbo but more expensive to have rebuilt and I'm not aware of any DIY rebuild kits. AFAIK, you can put a Garrett in place of a KKK and vice versa with no other modifications. Don't quote me on that.

If you feel boost at 2500rpm, that might be a little late. The true test is to have max boost by 4000rpm with the pedal to the floor. Max boost spec is 0.85 - 0.95 bar (roughly 12.5 - 13.5 psi).

If your only concern is oil leaking past the crossover pipe gasket then as Johnhef says, change the gasket and enjoy the car.

By chance did you go to Xavier School?

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