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To do this job, yank the fan & clutch, remove the serpentine belt & shock, and pull the upper radiator hose. That will give easy access. Leaving that stuff in place will make the job at least unpleasant, if not impossible. The cam is an integral part of the timer, so if the cam is worn, the timer needs to be replaced (not likely though). Clean the surfaces very well and install the new gasket dry (no RTV needed). Turn the crank as needed so the pump wheel is at the lowest point on the cam when re-installing, and tighten the bolts evenly in a criss-cross pattern. DO NOT overtighten the bolts!

If you don't have the tools to pull the fan clutch quickly, I'd strongly recommend buying and/or fabricating them, as shown in the photos below. These allow removal of the fan & clutch in literally 2 minutes:

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