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Wow - thanks for the helpful info!

Let me make sure I understand so far...

20W50 is probably not necessary for my 350SD in Las Vegas because modern oils, especially synthetics, have good additives that will protect the engine at cold starts as well or better than heavier weight oils of the past... is that right?

Now, should I choose something like 15W40 since I'm not really concerned about any really cold starts since it only gets down to about 32F (at the lowest) in the dead of winter here in the desert? Will a 15W40 protect me enough at cold startups? Moreso than a heavier 20W50 oil?

I am convinced that synthetic is better for the car, so I am sure I will go that route. I am not interested in long-term oil changes - I want to change my oil every 3000-5000 miles, but I am not overly concerned about the expense of motor oil since I am running on WVO and I do not have to buy fuel very often - just when my main diesel tank runs low which should be about every 6-8 weeks. I am interested in saving money, but I do not mind the investment in more expensive/higher quality motor oil if it will help my motor run better/longer.

I am thinking of trying Schaeffer's oil since it is rated to be a very high quality and high temperature oil. At the risk of starting an oil brand name debate, I apologize that I am bringing up a brand name - but I would appreciate your thoughts on the idea! Thanks, I'm still learning - thanks to you folks!
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