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The M110 is a more powerful engine than the OM617, turbo or not. Even in detuned US specification the 280CE will outperform any 300CD. Maybe a 5-speed 300CD turbo will run with a 280CE but all 300CDs sold in the US have AT. I don't think the 300CD was offered outside the US.

If you enjoy your M110 then keep it. Otherwise the OM617 is much easier to maintain and will go a longer way on less maintenance and fuel before it needs a rebuild. Put it this way, a car typically outlasts an M110, an OM617 typically outlasts the car.

My earlier point is that if you have a Euro spec 280CE then it might be worth installing a Diesel engine. If you have a US spec 280CE then sell it and buy an 82-85 300CD turbo. Why waste your time with a conversion?

93 300SD
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