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Originally Posted by t walgamuth View Post
actually the 110 engine is about as durable as a diesel imho. and in eruo trim very quick and responsive.

and a euro model may have a higher rear end ratio.

the euro motor though does require premium to be happy.

but they are such a sweet durable motor i wouldnt swap one for a 617 unless it was shot. and i love the 617 engine too.

good luck with your decision.

btw a right side mirror from a 240 is manual and will bolt right on your car.

tom w
I second that sentiment.

I had a 1985 Euro 280SEL, as one of my first cars. It had 230K before it was sold. My father had a 280SEL, W116 Euro, that had clocked 348K miles before he sold it to somebody else. Nothing had ever been opened up.

An M110, the fuel injected version, will rival a diesel for longevity. In the W123 in Euro form (185 hp), 60 mph comes in only 8 - 9 seconds. In US form (only around 130 hp), around 11 seconds.

I always got 20 - 21 mpg in my 280. I'd imagine the W123 version would get even better mileage (Euro of course). Economy rivaling the NA 617 engine.

I was younger, and less knowledgeable about these Euro's when I put 87 octane into them. Only thing I noticed was upon a cold start, it would be lean for the first 5 minutes. Never any pinging or anything even on low test, though.
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