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I don't get it

Originally Posted by pawoSD View Post
I wouldn't mind a gas W123 right now either, since even premium is a good 30-35 cents per gallon cheaper than diesel around here currently...Regular is only $2.64!!!!! Diesel is over $3.10!

No kidding, I'd almost think about finding a 560 right now. Diesel is topping $3.45 and premium is *only* $3.30.
For the life of me, I don't understand the intelligence of the afore mentioned comparison. Also, wait till next week when gas spikes to $3.79 like it is in Chicago, I'd be happy to pay $3.10 for diesel.

A real life diesel car vs. an EPA test vehicle, irrespective of highway or city use or god knows how much idling, they typical get 3 MPG all the time, and a typical gas engine capable of the same highway MPG of the afore mentioned diesel gets 5-15 MPG city in real life driving like they do all the time vs. EPA bulls#$t numbers, in the end, the diesel will always, ALWAYS use less fuel over the same number of miles. ALWAYS.

There isn't a gas engine made that doesn't exponentially reduce its fuel efficiency the moment its left to idle. Couple this with the typically less volatile swings in diesel fuel prices and there isn't a comparable gas engine made that will cost you less to operate than a diesel. It would take a near doubling of the cost of diesel to compensate for the inefficiency of gasoline engines. (pa-lease, don't waste my time or yours typing back how a 1.2L gas will be thriftier than a V-10 diesel truck engine. I'm considering apples to apples comparisons, not raisins to watermelons.)

After 23 years of operating the two side by side I have accumulated enough empirical data to choke a horse. I have bought nearly twice as much gasoline as diesel fuel for the same number of miles driven by similar displacement vehicles.

Now for the butt burner.

2000 Mercedes E200 CDI. 52 MPG highway, 45 City. These are the numbers my English friend Ray gets from his 210 chassis E Class, and he has no trouble at all doing 100 MPH when he wants to. UK gasoline has surpassed $9 gallon a few weeks back and we think we have it bad.

2016 GLE300d 4-MATIC 38K BROWN!
2012 S350 Bluetec==94k WHITE

2007 ML320 CDI==166K WHITE (FOR SALE)

Under new management:
2005 E320 CDI--140K--WHITE
1995 E300-Diesel-133.5K--THE CAR IS BLUE
1986 300SL--97.5K (European) AND WHITE. Back in Europe!
1991 190E 2.3-73K California Perfect.--WHITE
1995 E320-Wagon-159K--WHITE (recently scrapped)
1987 300D Turbo-213K--WHITE
1987 190D 2.5 Turbo-288K--WHITE

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