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Idle out of control

The car is a 91 420sel. It idles to fast. The idle speed is mostly dependant on temperature. The hotter the engine the faster it idles. I have checked all the circuitry associated with the idle control module and everything is OK. All the signals look good. When the throttle switch is open the idle increases which is what I would expect. There is a square wave voltage present on the idle air control valve and its duty cycle varies a little bit. When the air control valve is disconnected, the idle runs up to 1800. When I apply steady 12 volts to the coil the engine quits suggesting that the air valve is operating, or at least has enough authority to stop the engine. But it seems to me that there is not enough authority either electrically or mechanically to properly govern the idle speed when the system is connected normally. It almost seems like it wont apply enough current to reduce the idle speed. If there is an upper limit on the current that the control module will deliver it seems to me that it should be enough to reduce the idle to acceptable limits. But its not happening. Is it possible that there is some mechanical problem with the valve? I have cleaned it out with solvent and it seems OK. The moving part is free. Do I have a weak spring or something like that? Do these things wear out and get soft or is it a go - no go situation? I have substituted two other control modules that I know work and the results are the same. I have also checked for vacuum leaks and found a small one which did not really change anything. Not sure what else to check. I hate to put a new air control valve one the car not knowing if the one I have is really bad. Any suggestions?
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