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Question Buzzy brake

My brakes have been making a funny sound. Just as I come to moderately hard stops the front right wheel makes a buzzing kind of sound at the speed of the wheel rotation. It sound a little like the ABS. I donít feel anything through the steering wheel or brake pedal and it stops straight. Iíve had the wheel off and everything looks fine with plenty on the pads. It is due for a brake fluid change for its 90,000 mile service and I havenít used the ABS in a while (been lucky). I was thinking it might be warped but they havenít gotten wet in a while or been hot and the buzzing is at a higher rate than what I would expect of warping. Iíve never had a warped rotor so I donít know what it would feel like. It also doesnít seem to be getting worse. What could it be
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