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A 560SEL blessing can happen to you!

Hello guys! I've been trying to get on here forever it seems but couldn't get logins right,etc.Anyway, I got my first 560SEL ('86) for $2500 from a lady I work with whose husband gave it to her as an anniversary gift years ago.She just happend to call my office for advice about getting rid of it and wanted to know if I knew of anyone that might want to buy it (it's a thing at the office that I'm the "benz" man at work because I already drive a couple of 71 250C's and work on some coworker's benzes so...) Anyway,that's how she heard of me and when we spoke,I asked her if she at least had a pic of it or could bring it to work before I could answer which she did, and just from the pic I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! She then brought it to work (she lived 3 min from the office) and the body was excellent, chrome wheels,new Mich's, but she said the a/c was busted.Also, the interior was very smelly and had animal hair all over the place.She had 210k miles on her but still purrs.Anyway, fiance and I went to get the car,I was pleased to meet her husband who told me the story of the car,had all records,and they really wanted to get some money for land they were purchasing (and was $2,500 short) also,the wife says the car is toooo big, and the NEW LAND ROVER he bought her didn't hurt either! NOW, I'm 3rd owner,213K and going, always starts,with elbow grease the interior is near perfect without 1 tear and the leatherique is the bomb! Looks like new,smells gone,polished and waxed her to a brilliant shine again and get this,did a check of the a/c at my friend's shop and no leaks at all, the compressor's fine and I added 4lbs of freon and she blows ICE COLD air! YES! I get compliments on her every time I stop for gas,etc.All I had to do was replace a $14 window switch on my console for a rear window. I've just changed the oil Wed and even when I drained her the oil looked like honey. I must say I NEVER considered the 126 benz because I'm a 250C fanatic,but after 1 drive I'm hooked! I still love my other babies, but this is a fine addition! I'm actually about to take her to the pond for some more "before" pics because I'm tinting her windows today. I just wanted to let you guys know that there IS such a thing as an untimely blessing and to be patient...the best will come your way! Oh,I know this is VERY lengthy, but I feel that I should let anyone interested know that my buddy and I also got an 89 560 SEL with 302K on it. right now she looks great but the owner gave it to us for 750 because the trans is shot.She runs great though and could use VERY minor interior work. I've pulled the trans and will replace the B-2 piston that's shot NOT the trans so it WILL be on Georgia's roads next week (even if it is the trans, I've got another one for it anyway).I already know I can't keep this one because I've already got 8 vehicles and my fiance will flip because of the wedding expenses,etc so She will be up for sale within 3 weeks or so...I'll keep you posted and try to get some pics up for ya! Thanks and I'll be in touch!
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