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just wanted to do a followup on this thread:

1. topped off the expansion tank for the radiator with 50/50 mix of MB antifreeze and water to required levels.
2. put in a bottle of "water wetter".
3. Now use only 93.5 octane gasoline.
4. put in a bottle of Chevron ProGuard Fuel Injector Cleaner two tankfulls ago.

she now runs consistenly at just above 175 on the temp gauge and has not crept up past the 200 mark or even close so far.

I plan to take her out on the expressway tomorrow to run her up to 80 at least to see how she does.

I think I am stuck with my having to hold the gas pedal down for two seconds prior to cranking a warm engine...she does start right up when I do so.

I've come to the conclusion that it's a fuel pressure leak that is causing fuel to vaporise and thereby cause hard starts on a warm engine. The car is due for her 87500 mile checkup at the dealer soon so I will ask them to do a fuel pressure check as well as whatever checks are done at that mileage point.

ps: have replaced distributor cap, rotor and she does idle much more smoothly now, with barely a perceptible tremor during today's drives. Heck, at one point I thought the engine had cut out it was running so smoothly. : )

thanks to all who posted to this thread.

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