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David, we dont have a chevron station here on guam and it is kinda hard to import those petrol-type products here... right now, we are not receiving any packages since 911 day. the USPS is trying to catch up right now and in our area, the packages are strictly scruitinized... so that kinda backs everything up again... well.. the car is running a bit better. anyway.. I do wonder if my engine mounts do need changing? that might just be it... but I think I will wait 2 years.just live with it. ya know? it's not really that bad... maybe I'm just very sensitive... all my girlfriends who I take around dont notice anything wrong with the car... Dont even believe that it is about 8 years old...oh well... maybe I guess that's how benz is built... even though there is something wrong, it still feels better than another car.. heheh...
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