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Hello again! Thanks for the support guys...I planned on tinting the 560's windows but ended up trying to get one of my 250C's started! since the last rain,which was almost a good two weeks ago, she has not started for some reason although it usually starts right up.nothing I've tried has worked yet but...anyway, I was wondering if it would be worth snatching my trans and replacing the infamous B2 pistons that fail on the post 85 126 trans or just leave well enough alone. I've only had the car since July and its been a joy to own.I've even traced it back to the original dealer in California,called them and spoke w/them about this and they were so helpful that they sent me their original dealership stickers/plates for the car (although they will never be put on) and I got the price it was sold for new ($64,572.76),carfax report,and the warranty work done on the car from MBUSA. I'm wondering if I should do the head gaskets although once again I'm thinking leave well enough alone. Any suggestions? Mind you,she's given me absolutely no trouble and starts daily (but then again, so did my 250C until now)
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