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start off pop and hesitation

a few things come to mind
1) the transmission clutch pack is breaking loose and slipping. can be checked by holding the brakes hard and slowly pushing down on throttle. It should hold full throttle torque without any jumping etc. Watch the engine mounts while doing this you may be feeling the engine trying to jump out of the engine bay!

2) A broken/loose flex joint in the drive shaft can cause a jerky feeling as you try to accelerate.

3) Electronic throttles are plagued with defective wiring insulation. The stuff just crumbles off the wires inside the hard covered wiring harness. Early symptoms may include missing under acceleration, missing at higher RPMS, and finally go into limp in mode Benz/Bosch are pretending there is no problem, yet they are replacing lots of wiring harnesses and electronic throttles under warranty. Those of us 'out of warranty' are stiffed.

There should be a NHTSA recall campaign. Ford got hit with several hyndred million judgenment because a $10 ignition part would fail some of the time after several year.
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