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Dorsey Lay
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mass air sensor help!!

Hi, I feel bad for you my friend. The way to go with this problem is to tuff it out for a short time. Get all of you prior paper work showing the number of times you've tried to get repairs under warranty and any other pertinant items involving this issue. Next go to the service manager for satisfaction. Do not be arrogant or hostile as this will slow things down ( even though you have a right to) If no help, go up the line to the owner of the dealership. If you get no help from the dealer your next stop is the area MB rep. I had a similiar problem with another car. I followed this procedure and ended up with my entire repair bill ($ 3000) being handled by the dealer. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY UNTIL THE LAST RESORT) you probably won't get it back even if they say it's their fault. If you want to cut this short, go directly to the area MB rep. You paid to much money for this type of crap! It is obvious that your problem should have been determined and repaired by the dealer on the first visit. Good luck and let us know how you make out!!
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