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I had the same noise, drove me nuts looking for the problem, tried everything, i almost gave up till i decided to do one more thing, i re-tensioned the rear wheel bearing nut and the noise went away, thought all was fixed untill it came back after about 500k`s now i decided to replace the wheel bearing itself. the old one had some chips on the running surfaces and the grease was quite dry and the surfaces and balls had a slight blue tinge to them showing they were getting hot. all is fixed now, btw mine is a 300e 87 124 150000k`s on it i`m going to do the other side also, i belive the life of these bearing to be around 200000k`s. also do`nt let any one tell you you need special tools to do the the job the bearings are an interferance fit and can be taped out and taped back in, it took me about 3hrs do do one side, now that i know what i`m doing the other side should take about 2hrs. you need to get the rear aligned after the job unless like me you mark the toe-in camber washers before doing the job and put them back to the same position after the job, good luck it`s time consuming but if your like me and do`nt trust anyone to touch your baby it`s very rewarding.
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