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Talking New owner of '87 300SDL (long)

I just purchased a super pristine black/tan 1987 300 SDL with 98K miles on the clock over the weekend and I've got to say that this is a truly refined car compared to the 240D that I also have. We drove it from Louisville, Kentucky back to Houston yesterday. I wanted to ask the forum about a couple of minor issues I noticed with the car during the long "get acquainted" trip back.

1. When I use the climat control system, the vents occasionally blow out black debris specks like some sort of insulation. The debris are about the size ranging from a pin head to about the size of a dime and are thin. THey leave a stain if you accidentally rub them against the carpet but it will come off. Any suggestions on whether any body else has done to fix this problem.

2. I noticed that there is an opening on each of the front door by the door straps that meets up with an opening on the bottom of each side of the dash. Where does this vent opening go to on the front doors? I see no outlets along the top of the bottom of the windows.

3. I am going to have to replace the hood inslulation on this car since it is starting to detach itself. I did a quick search with regard to the hood inslulation and found that 3M adhensive remover is what is recommended to remove the old adhesive. What I am not sure about is what is recommended for the new adhesive. I've seen recommendations for 3M super adhesive, 3M super 77, and 3M General Trim Adhesive. Since this adhesive must be able to withstand engine temperatures, what would be the best?

4. I use Redline DFC on my '82 240D. Is it OK to use DFC on the '87 300SDL? I am asking this because there is a placard on the fuel door opening that says: "Diesel/No Additives". I thought that MB advocated the use of DFC.

5. This is hard to describe this but upon achieving highway speeds around 60 mph or above , when I was climbing hills and I started pressing slightly harder on the accelerator, it seemed as though the turbocharger would come on strong as though I was really stepping on the throttle. It's as though the wastegate would close (more turbocharging) all the way and then open (less turbocharging) when I let off slightly off the accelerator. Is this normal for this car? I'd like to hear from other owners that have the 603.961 engine (3.0 6 cylinder turbocharged engine).

Thanks for your inputs.

'82 240D
'87 300 SDL
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