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Help- may have killed the car

I was coming back from GA yesterday and just south of Richmond VA the I noticed I couldn't cut the cruise off with the switch, and the car wanted to accelerate on its own. I was going 80. I used the brakes to slow down enough to exit(while under power), and the car kept on wanting to accelerate in 4th as I came to a stop and killed the engine. Thinking it was just an electrical glitch with the cruise actuator, I started it back up and it revved to 5k in neutral under no load. Killed engine immediately, then tried again and it did it again and I killed it immediately, but not before it revved to 5k. I crapped in my pants twice. Turns out the two bolts holding the front accelerator linkage plate to the valve cover vibrated loose enabling that part of the linkage to get loose and bind and hold wide open. I had just done a valve adjustment, and merely snugged those bolts. You can bet I torqued them down hard after seeing that. I didn't torque them down hard to begin with because I'm always worried about overtorquing things, especially when it comes to steel bolts in aluminum threads.
My question is thus:
1) how much damage have I done to my car

Car runs fine with no suspect knocking noises, shifts fine- but there is a psychological element that makes me think I hear little subtleties that I haven't heard before. My mind will mess with me like that at times like this. I understand that revving under no load while cold is very bad, but while at operating temp??? The car has been accidentally revved like that 3 times now while in my ownership. Had to lean on the brakes to slow down- but didn't smell anything burning when I got the car stopped. All systems seem nominal. I'm worried a rod bearing or something like that has had its life drastically shortened by this incident, or my transmission has been damaged. Anybody???
Hopefully you can put my mind at ease
Got home from vacation last night to find my kitchen full of the upstairs neighbors wastewater
My goodness what a week I'm having
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