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Originally posted by loubapache
Congratulations, airfoill.

I have been looking for a diesel for some time but no luck yet.

Based on your purchase, woud the following be a fair deal:

1987 300SDL - Silver/black leather, Turbo diesel, 141K easy miles, impeccable condition, $8,950.




If the car is in impeccable condition, then yes. But I would check the history of this car and it's service records. I would be suspicous; the reason is that if it is truly in impeccable condition, the person selling it would be asking alot more than the low end of the blue book value which runs about what you are describing. The average blue book I've seen is about $10K but that is just for an average car with some wear.

Things to check out for in these cars is rust at the bottom of the doors. You will have to get on your knees to see this but I've turned down other Mercedes cars for this reason.

Does the car start easily the first time when the engine is cold.......this is a good sign if the diesel engine has good compression.

Has the trap oxidizer been removed by the dealer? It should have already have done but the dealer will still do it for free, from what I understand others who have had this.

Does the climate control system work. Compared to my '82 240D, this system appears complicated to fix.

Of course, the best thing to do is actually look at it because what one person calls immaculate may not be immaculate to another.

'82 240D
'87 300SDL
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