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190e stalling under braking


Thanks for an excellent forum.
I've recently bought a 190E, UK spec, 2.0 Auto, and would appreciate some advice.

The problem is that after driving for a while (with the engine revs above 1.5k) the engine stalls while braking to a standstill. It starts up again immediately, and then doesn't do it again for the rest of the journey. The car has about 120k miles on it. Similar threads on this forum seem to suggest the OVP, and I have also heard that the Hall Effect speed sensor on the back of the speedo could be responsible ????????

Just a couple of other questions ... What is a good temperature to see on the gauge? and How can I fix that little efficiency meter in the instrument cluster, as my car returns about 30mpg but shows full red all the time???
Thanks again,
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