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Help needed; Editing this into a solid DIY.

Please review this and post suggested changes.
More pictures needed.

Locating and cleaning all of the drains in the W107 450SL
Where are all of the drain holes top and bottom in the 450 SL?
How do you clean them?
Call Mercedes and they will say there are 2 on the bottom of each rocker panel and you should let a dealer clean them.
My holes in the rocker panels are real clogged as I tried to run a wire up them (no luck).
There has to be more than just those 2, I found one more in the gas filler box.

I went through the drains last year in my 72.
Starting from the front working towards the back:
VERY important drain in the lowest area of the engine bay behind the headlight in front of the wheel well. (A vacuum and compressed air work well here).
Next in the cavity where the shock attaches to the fender, one on either side of the mounting point. (Compressed air works well here).
Next in line are the drains in your blower box area, (Small cover above the firewall).
The gas door drain comes out in the wheel well.
There are two on the bottom of each rocker panel, (A vacuum and compressed air work well here, however a stiff plastic probe may be needed if the sludge is packed and hardened).
There is also a drain in the convertible top well, lowest point towards the hinge for the top.
Take your spare tire out to find the drain in the trunk. (A vacuum and compressed air a stiff plastic probe are generally needed here).
Suggested general cleaning techniques:
* A small-extended length drill bit worked gently by hand.
* A .22 caliber gun cleaning brush.
* Compressed air.
* A stiff plastic probe.
* A vacuum cleaner.

If the areas are really dirty the best way to find the drain is with a cup of water, see where the water settles and you can be sure the Mercedes engineers put a drain there to get rid of it.
After your done repeat the process with the water to see how good of a job you did.

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