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got fuel pressure leak check done

the car passed with a steady pressure of 35psi so not sure if fuel vaporisation due to heat in the engine compartment can still be seen as the culprit for the warm engine hard starts issue.

on a different note, took her out on the highway yesterday, got up to about 90 for a few minutes....once I got off the highway she would idle roughly when stopped at lights, and I noticed she was idling at around 400-500 vice the normal of 700-800 when in Drive.

she appears to do this when the engine is closer to 200 than the normal 175.

once she cools down, she idles just fine with only very minor intermittent shaking that is almost inperceptible...go figure.

just updating this thread, am almost to the point of writing this off as quirks of an old car.

only one thing left to replace, the spark plug wire set which is in the mails I am told.
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