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The governor in these injection pumps is pretty sensitive -- keeps the speed almost like a cruise control. Very easy to get going WAY to fast on an upgrade if you don't watch the speedo. Normal behavior, if a bit unnerving at first.

Check the pressure line from the manifold to the injection pump ALDA (altitude compensator) and also to the vacuum regulator on the fender by the ABS -- if the lines leak it can cause funny things to happen with fuel delivery volume when the turbo come up. My 87 300DT was really bad about it before I replaced all the short rubber connectors. The pressure lines are clamped on with miniature hose clamps -- reuse them if you think the lines are bad and need to be replaced, or they will blow off when the turbo really comes on -- it is rated at 0.9 atm (13.8 psi). The hard plastic is probably fine, it's the rubber connectors that go bad, and on an 87 they are all bad or going that way.

Don't replace the big 5-way tree by the vacuum pump or the little green things in the line between the regulator and the vacuum thingy on the IP with anything but MB parts -- they have metered orifices in them.

You may also change shifting behavior by replacing the rubber hose bits -- MN uses a vacuum modulated tanny (!) on everything. More details on other posts.

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