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I checked out the posting, no ovp in mine, too old and I did lube the linkage, no luck.

more on the symptoms:

after the engine is nice and warm, say about 20 minutes or more of driving, she will sometimes idle at 400-500 rpm when in drive and stopped at a light, she idles very rough and shaky at this point. If I put it into neutral the rpms climb to almost 800 or so and the shaking decreases but does not go away.

when she's idling at 400-500 rpm, it almost feels like she's not getting does not cut out mind you but it sure feels like it wants to.

what would cause the idle speed to drop like that from the "start of the trip" rpms of 700-800 when in drive and stopped or 1000-1100 rpm when in neutral?

thanks in advance
D. Chang
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