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i've just had the blower box done and cleaned out the drains there (pic attached). That fixed 50% front leaks.
However heater hoses(i think they're heater ones!) coming thru the bulkhead aren't sealing properly, and we can see a previous temporary 'sealant' fix around that area...poke around a bit and more water comes in there. Now the question is not jus about the seal, but how water is getting there, as the hose also runs thru another seal in the engine compartment, by the blower. I don't have a pic of it, but if u remove the blower cover u can see a low rim that runs across the car under the grille vents. It would seem this is to guide small amounts of water to the sides, where it would run down the inside the fender, and drain ultimately into the sill area and out that way. ok..except the little rim appears to trap water too, thus creating rust holes..that has happend in my car and can created a lot of little areas for water to run inside the cabin or onto hoses...with inevitable results. I'll try get a good pic of it...probably would've saved a thousand words in this case

Please note..this is just my experience..and i certainly don't claim to superior knowledge..other cases maybe different.
However i'm now on the 3rd welder, body specialist, after the first never tried and the 2nd gave up! The current one is doing great so far..but i've determined to learn my car inside out in the process. In this country (M'sia) knowing where the water's going is not optional

I've also attached a pic of one side drain in the softtop compartment plus rusty metal where the rubber fits..which was allowing water to enter.
All of these were completely blocked in my car...and probably had been for years

Please forgive low res PDA pics.
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DIY Locating and cleaning all of the drains in the W107 450SL-blower-drain.jpg   DIY Locating and cleaning all of the drains in the W107 450SL-soft-top-compartment-drain.jpg  
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