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I've been really trying to get my hands on a company that sells QUALITY body kits for my 86 560SEL...Most of the stories I've heard (for the one or two companies that does sell 'em) are that they fit terrible or are gaudy.I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can get something close to if not THE AMG bodystyle kit because all I've run into is "its not available anywhere" Back at home in Chicago I used to go to an AMG "dealer" who sold the crap out of it (of course it was in the late 80's) but am suprised that these fine cars we still drive have very limited options as far as aftermarket or original AMG body kits for the W126.I'm not even as pressed about the skirts and crap but I don't see anything like a "decent" looking deck spoiler that would compliment the car without looking cheezy Are there any other W126 owners in the same predicament or what? Not THAT mad about it because these suckers look slick with or without the body packages but at least it would be an option to consider if we could.
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