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Vacuum diagram

I have a 1980 model 450SL and wonder if anybody has a vacuum line diagram.
My vehicle does no have a catalytic converter anymore since the person I bought it from must have taking it out.
The engine gets fuel and the plugs spark to, but my car won't start.
I like to see if the vacuum lines are hooked up correctly.

Thank you very much


I need some help please.
My car still wont start, just installed new spark plugs, new coil, new cable between the ignition modul and distributor.
I aslo checked the cylinder compression and have between 11 and 12.5 Kg/cm2, but I noticed that a lot of gas mist came out of the cylinders when I checked the compression.
Is it possible that my injection system just dumps to much fuel into the cylinders ? The spark plugs are creating a good spark, but the car just wont start.
Any help would be appreciated


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