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Actually, I've got a buddy that has the white tail lights for his 126 but he got them overseas (they're really slick).The bum just couldn't remember because he got em a long time ago from some guy down there he met (after he saw HIS lights on his car) and decided to get some for his.Man I wish he at least had the # to the place he got it from but... Anyway, so far I've got the glass european headlights although I'm gonna wait until next spring to install them and I plan on getting 3 sets of wheels 17's 18's and 20's also to be installed next spring. (the 3 sets are to interchange them between the 560SEL and 2 of my 250C's that luckily bolt right on).Sometimes I put the 16''chrome wheels from
my 560 on my 220D which dresses it up a lot).I just noticed you were in Tulsa...I went to college in Langston Ok (15min from OSU)and would sometimes DJ in Tulsa.I graduated and left for Atlanta right after the bombing in OKC (which shook the hell out of my house.I thought my neighbor --who worked on his benzes there--had some kind of accident or something until I got to school and found out it was the federal bldg.Was scarry!) Anyway,keep up the search and I'll do the same.Hopefully other W126 owners will share any ideas they have to "customize" this fabulous car!
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