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Thanks for the reply. After a little further digging in the CD-ROm, I found the test values for all the different springs. Specs are as follows:

As specified for 123.130

Spring Part#: 123 324 35 04
Spring Travel/1000N load: 17.9
Wire dia: 15.2
Unload Length: 369

As specified for 123.133

Spring Part #: 123 324 36 04
Spring Travel/1000N load: 19.1
Wire dia: 16
Unload Length: 371

Looks like I will be getting 1.2 mm travel per 1000 Newtons of force (224 lbf). If the rear of the car weighs 1000 lbs, that's roughly 5mm lower, but the spring is 2mm longer. So, overall I would be lower by 3mm ( 0.118 inches) I estimate this can be compensated for with shims?

I assume the wire diameter and the longer unloaded length won't cause any installation problems?

Was the Turbodiesel lighter in the rear by chance?

Does anyone know where I can get the specs for Lemforder springs?

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