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Heater Box Repair

Thanks to John Roncallo for his pic of his heater box repair, I have an idea for my own heater box repair. The attached pic shows the approximate exposure of the heater box when the radio is removed. I think I can use a hot knife or similar and cut out the outlined section, Remove the pod thru this new opening, and replace with a fabricated metal "door" to include a new pod mount. The jagged whit line about the rivets is where mine is broken loose, and my pod will not hold a vacuum. What do you guys think about this idea? Any better way to cut without possible damage to stuff behind in event of a "slip" (i thought about my roto-zip, but access is kinda tight...Dremel?).

ps.. John, I edited out the rivets in your picture so as not to confuse... Thanks for posting your experience(s)...

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