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Originally Posted by Walrus View Post
Thanks to John Roncallo for his pic of his heater box repair, I have an idea for my own heater box repair. The attached pic shows the approximate exposure of the heater box when the radio is removed. I think I can use a hot knife or similar and cut out the outlined section, Remove the pod thru this new opening, and replace with a fabricated metal "door" to include a new pod mount. The jagged whit line about the rivets is where mine is broken loose, and my pod will not hold a vacuum. What do you guys think about this idea? Any better way to cut without possible damage to stuff behind in event of a "slip" (i thought about my roto-zip, but access is kinda tight...Dremel?).

ps.. John, I edited out the rivets in your picture so as not to confuse... Thanks for posting your experience(s)...

I recomend two things before you do this.

1) Verify you can disconect the actuator linkage. This may be possible by removing the center vent rubber boot and center vents anc OAT gage and working throug the three holes of from the glove box or instrument cluster opening while looking through the center vent openings.

2) Have the actuator on hand when you size the hole. You might be best to also purchase and actuator bracket if available so you know wher to cut. The bracket also retains the vacume line coupler.

Good luck
John Roncallo
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