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Originally Posted by Walrus View Post
Roger on #1... If I can't separate from the pod lever at the bottom (by grinding out rivet/cutting pod arm), I can, I believe, access it thru the openings you mention (but do not know about removing vents?). The attachment is directly in line with the left-most center vent. Incidently, after pod is out, it would be not too great a feat to rig a cable mechanism for manual control, no?

#2 I'm not too concerned with, as the bracket is loose from the heater box presently. The plastic box has broken loose in a rough rectangle encompassing the rivets, and is free-swinging except for the vacuum hose still attached (see picture above...jagged white line is roughly where pod is broken loose from the heater box). Good idea on having pod on hand before cutting... I may tackle this project this winter. I am concerned about the legroom flap pod, although it is working for now. My luck it will fail after this project, if it works out as planned.

I realize this plan is possibly frought with disaster; however, if un-successful, I can always fall back to dash removal, ehh?

ps: I did receive yours and Lynn's email... Thanks. Lynn's mechanic must be some kind of genius to have replaced pod without removing dash. Perhaps, as you speculate, the heater box can be removed without removing dash?

For #1. It is not only important to be able to get it out. But also make sure you can get a new one in. You may also be right about removing the center vents with the dash in place. I know the OAT gage can be removed, it just pushes straight out from behind. The center vents will require acces to 4 plastic latches arround each one, very easy to install but next to impossibe to remove. On the other hand they may be cheap enough to fracture and replace (check price and availability first).

I have know idea how anyone would install the defrost actuator through the radio hole alone. My approach would be instrument cluster and radio holes

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