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Originally Posted by Roncallo View Post
...I have know idea how anyone would install the defrost actuator through the radio hole alone. My approach would be instrument cluster and radio holes

John Roncallo

Even more amazing is that Lynn's mechanic did the center vent pod?!?!?
FWIW, here is the name of an Idependent in SoCal that did my center acuator via the radio/climate control openings.

Renato Benz Service
27822 Aliso Creek, C-160
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
You know, I think I am mistaken about which Pod Lynn's mechanic replaced. I went back and read the entire thread. In the first post, Lynn is asking about the DEF pod (upper left next to radio). Later on, on page two (and quoted below), it sounds like the center actuator, as it does on the last post of the thread (quoted above).
1989 560SL center vent acuator fixed at 78K miles
Well I finally had my center vent acuator replaced and cracked heater housing (that rattled) repaired (not replaced). I had it done at an independent. He replaced the actuator and the cracked housing threw the center console at a cost to me of $450.00. Everything seems to work just fine after about 2-3 months now.
Regards, Lynn
That makes more sense that it was the def pod...
center vents not working on 560SL
is a link to the entire thread.
RM Smith
1988 560SL

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