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A couple of things to consider.

It may be possible to get the defrost actuator out from the center console only. But more than likely anyone who does this and makes money doing it will only install it with two retaining push nuts. In my opinion it is far easyier to also remove the stearing wheel and instrument cluster. This only involves disconecting the battery and removing 6 easy to get at fasteners. It takes about 10 minuts.

I say this because in the job you are talking about doing, you are already stripped down so far that you are only about an hour away from getting the dash out. It is essentially the trim around the windshield, removal of the leg room and side vent ducting, unpluging a bunch of wires and three bolts holding the dash in. The only part I see is that a first timer might be intimidated by all the wiring but they do generally fall into place.

I took a look at the defrost vent actuator rod today in the car. It does appear that the rod is fairly accesable from the center console and instrument cluster hole. With these areas open and the center vent boot removed I see it as somewhat difficult to remove the pin but easy to install.

I had also previously looked at the possibility of replacing the center vent actuator without removing the dash. I belive this is also doable but I never tried it because on both my cars I had a cracked box that I wanted to fix. I belive it is possible to remove the bottom cover only of the heater box and replace both the center vent actuator and legroom actuator.

However I think the repair I did on my car may also be doable with just the bottom cover removed. I think it may require a smaller plate with less rivits but probably just as doable as what your talking of doing from the outside. The plate and amount of rivets I put in is way over kill, but I was having fun.

John Roncallo
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