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Originally posted by Ron Johnstone
I replaced mine using the 3M 77 spray adnesive. It isn't a real fun job. If you do it yourself, be sure that the hood is completely free of grease and oil, which means wiping it down with gasoline or a similar solvent the next day after gunking and water spraying it after scraping all the loose crap off. Good time to clean your engine too as it will get wet. Mask everything when spraying the 77 as it is messy. Have tick marks on the hood and pad to help you align the pad as it must be done perfectly. Another pair of capable hands is invaluable.
I have never tried the 3M 77 spray but use the 3M Super Trim Adhesive all the time with very good results. I do not need to mask the surrounding, just some news papers on the engine, the fenders, etc. It is because, unlike the regular spray nozzle, the nozzle from the 3M Super Trim Adhesive gives a narrow spray so that the adhesive goes exactly where I want it. I do not really clean the under hood too much except scraping off the loose materials with a plastic putty knife. If you have to clean the oil off the underside of the hood, the water based degreser, such as Sample Green or Oil Eater, is very good for that. Gasoline is very dangerous. I will not use it for anything other than what it is designed for. You do need the tick marks since you have to do it right the first time. Once the pad is on, you cannot take it back out to reposition it.


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