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marty sesh
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Question 240D fuel lift pump

Hi,I live in England and my 240td (station wagon)is throwing out unreal amounts of white/grey smoke (enough to get a pull by the police)I had the injectors reconditioned and pump adjusted on the top adj. screw with locking nut and it ran well for about 6 weeks. Then the white smoke came back as bad as before. I then fitted Mercedes recon. injectors after flushing cleaner fluid through the tank. No change. Imagine my dispair after spending 140 and no result.I got a pump from a quality breaker which I will try and fit this weekend but I am not sure about the timing of it. I heard that the wide spline on the shaft needs to line up with a mark on the back plate but I am not sure about the position of the cylinders or which ones to look at. Has anybody had a similar problem and could they talk me through it please.
PS many condolences for 11 th. September,
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