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knocking sound on reverse

Hello All,

First of, I would like to thank everyone in this forum for all the know-how I got just by reading your messages, I'm very grateful especially to the unselfish and knowledgeable techs!. I bought this 91 300E with 119K miles from out of state in late August, to my dismay it was idling really rough and came with only one key. After receiving duplicates from the dealer, found out it didn't work! and even the original key would not turn the ignition at all!. Luckily I stumbled into this site and was able to fix the rough idle by replacing the engine mounts and was able to take out the lock cylinder after hours of spraying lubricant and trying to get it to position 1.

Now I have a problem that I have not seen in this forum so far. There is a knocking sound when in reverse that increases with speed, seems to be coming from the front, maybe struts? It's quiet in the the forward gears, the knock doesn't seem to come from the transmission. Anyone familiar with this?...thanks again!
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