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more followup

I replaced the spark plug wire set and adjusted the idle adjustment screw to rev a little higher than it was set to...maybe a quarter turn at most.

She now idles in neutral at just above 1000 and at just below 1000 when in Drive. Idles very smoothly now while doing city driving, have taken her up to 80 on the highways on the way to work and she idles just fine afterwards without the previously mentioned fluctuations.

Am a much happier camper now, I know it should be set to idle at between 700-800 rpm when in neutral according to the data plate on the chassis but it works better with this setting so am sticking to it.

Someday I'll try and figure out the real reason why she won't idle smoothly at the manufacturer recommend settings, who knows, perhaps a 26 yr old car wants a little more rpms than when she was brand new.

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