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Thanks Trex and John.

So far, the list of items needed inspection are:
Taking Car to Private Mechanic, not dealer.

A) Motor Mounts
B) Transmission Mounts
C) Flex Discs (What are these?)
D) CentER Support Bearings for Driveshaft
E) Differential Mounts

Anything else?

John, if the motor mounts were worn, wouldn't I have a rough-FEELING idle? I did the test and think that the motor mounts are just fine. I could obviously feel the vibration of the engine, and there was the slightest amount of engine movement; I think they're ok. Is it possible for me to inspect anything else? Thanks for the tip.

One more thing, it seems as though the Reverse CLUNK happens about 10% of the time I give it gas in reverse. And when in drive, and I push the gas, it has the resistance about 33% of the time, but the clunk only happens rarely. (This might not mean anything, but I thought I'd add it.

Thanks for the input!
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