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ETS Error Message


On two occasions recently, I experienced a temorary loss of power while driving. While engaged, the car drastically dropped speed and began to crawl. This lasted less than a minute and everything returned to normal. Since those two incidents, a couple of days a ago, the Electronic Traction System (ETS) error message came on, and the car began to crawl, then the low battery sign came on and the car came to a halt. I tried restarting, I got an initial crank but the engine would not engage. The check engine light came on. My mechanic ran diagnostics but could not find anything. Later that day the car cranked up and I used it for a day. On starting the car this morning, it would not engage, the ETS, low battery, defective lamp, and check engine messages/lights came on. The car is a 1997 E300 Diesel. Any ideas on what I should do?

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